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Financial Advice for Pensions & Retirement

We aim to simplify the financial challenges you face, by creating and protecting your wealth for you and your loved ones.

The journey towards a comfortable retirement requires careful planning and expert pension guidance. Our pensions service will empower you to make informed decisions to meet your goals and ensure you retire as comfortably as possible.

Welcome To Heritage Financial Planning, Pension Planning And Advisory

Welcome to Heritage Financial Planning, your trusted partner in securing your ideal retirement. We are independent financial advisers and have been providing clients with bespoke pension advice for over a decade.

We pride ourselves on offering a personalised pensions service to help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning. Our dedicated team is here to provide advice and pension information to enable you to make informed decisions about your future.

As an independent firm, we are not tied to any specific pension providers or products. This means we can offer impartial advice focused solely on finding you the best solutions. We will always aim to explain things in plain English and avoid jargon as much as possible.

With our support and guidance, you can plan for the fulfilling and comfortable retirement you deserve.

For tailored pension guidance that prioritises your financial well-being, please contact the Heritage team today.

What Is A Pensions Advice Service?

Pension guidance is a vital service that helps people plan for when they retire. Our service aims to address the important questions customers have about the growth, management and inner workings of their pensions.

We can assist in arranging a full range of pension options to meet your needs, including a guaranteed income for life (Annuities), income for a fixed term (Fixed-Term Annuity), flexible access to your money (Drawdown), or a combination.

Having a solid understanding of the expected returns on your investments is vital for effective retirement planning. It allows you to estimate the amount you should be saving and determine a safe withdrawal rate if you are already retired or considering it in the near future.

Why Do You Need Advice On Pensions?

At Heritage, we recognise that making financial decisions about your future can be nerve-wracking and complex. Our pensions service is suitable for any stage of your pension journey, whether you are just starting to save, looking to consolidate your pension plans, or exploring retirement income options.

It’s important to note that if your pension pot is over £30,000 and includes a guaranteed rate of income or growth rate (such as a guaranteed annuity rate or defined benefits, e.g., a final salary pension), obtaining professional financial advice is a legal requirement.

Your pension provider may also stipulate that financial advice is mandatory when considering other retirement options to ensure your chosen course of action is in your best interests, e.g. if you opt for a flexible retirement income (taking money).

Our Pensions Advisory Service

Our authorised pension advisers have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right pension products and investment options to suit your situation. Whether you’re considering taking your pension savings as a lump sum or opting for a flexible income, we can provide advice to help you decide the best course of action.

Pension Consolidation

You may have several old personal or workplace pension pots from different employers that you have accumulated over the years. We can review each pension, and if it is in your best interest, we can consolidate them into one plan to streamline your investment strategy.

When reviewing your pensions, it is important to understand:

  • Costs – The annual charge of your plan can eat into your investment returns.
  • Performance – Have your pensions been performing well and in line with their benchmarks?
  • Risk management – Are your pensions invested in line with your attitude to risk?
  • Retirement options – do your pensions allow you to draw your money flexibly, or are you restricted to an annuity?

Retirement Planning

We can work with you on your path towards a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. If you have already started saving, we can make a thorough assessment, identify areas of improvement and get your retirement plans back on track. 

Using cashflow modelling software, we can model various scenarios to give us an idea:

  • Are you saving enough?
  • When can you afford to retire?
  • Will you run out of money in retirement?
  • Are you on track to achieve your intended lifestyle?

Whether you have a Final Salary pension, a workplace pension, a Self Invested Personal Pension, an old pension pot or investment assets, we can build all of this into our planning to paint a picture of what your expected income will look like in the future. 

Get In Touch With Heritage Financial Planning Today

At Heritage, we offer an experienced pensions advisory service. You can expect a highly professional and personalised service from our close-knit team of advisers.

We always take the time to understand our customers’ individual needs and objectives and conduct a thorough analysis of their current pension savings. From there, we identify any potential gaps or opportunities for improvement before offering our impartial guidance.

Along with our pension guidance services, we can offer a range of related financial services, such as advice on equity release and inheritance tax planning. Together, we will help you to make informed decisions and take the next steps to shape your future, protect your family and help you to achieve financial freedom.

Call us on 01352 770845 to book an initial consultation, or fill out our contact form to request a call back or book an appointment.

How much does pension advice cost?

Picking up the phone for an initial enquiry or consultation is free of charge! We will only charge you for our advice, the amount of which will be personal to you and your circumstances.

Transparency is one of our core values here at Heritage, which means you won’t pay us a penny that has not already been discussed and agreed upon from the outset.

Who should I get pension advice from?

While the government provides resources and pensions guidance, seeking personalised pensions advice from a qualified financial advisor is highly recommended. The government service offers general information about pension schemes, eligibility criteria, and basic retirement planning.

However, every individual’s financial situation and retirement goals are unique, and a financial advisor can provide tailored advice that takes into account your specific circumstances. Just be sure that your financial adviser is both qualified and experienced.

At Heritage, we are big believers in independent financial advice, meaning that the guidance we offer is in your best interests, given with your personal circumstances in mind, and not designed to promote certain providers.

When you choose our pensions service, you can be confident that you are receiving reliable, professional, and impartial advice to help you make the most of your savings.

Can I manage my pension myself?

While it is possible to manage your pension yourself, it is important to carefully consider the complexities and responsibilities that come with it.

Managing your pension requires expertise in areas such as investment selection, asset allocation, tax planning, understanding pension regulations and ensuring your retirement income is sustainable.

Ultimately, the decision to manage your pension and finances yourself or seek professional advice depends on your level of knowledge, confidence, and available time.

However, talking with an adviser from a reputable financial advisory firm, such as Heritage Financial Planning, can provide you with peace of mind, expertise, and the best chance of achieving your retirement goals.

Is it worth paying for pension advice?

If you have a private pension, seeking advice from a financial advisor is a good idea. Financial advisors bring invaluable expertise and knowledge to the table, helping you to manage your pension investments and ensure your portfolio aligns with your retirement goals.

A financial advisor can give impartial advice on your investment options and help you understand the risk, considering factors such as market volatility, asset allocation, and diversification. They can also help you to optimise contributions and withdrawals to minimise the tax burden.

Crucially, your pension advisor can help with inheritance planning, ensuring your assets are passed down efficiently. Ultimately, the peace of mind and potential financial gains far outweigh the costs of paying for pension advice.

Are there different types of pension advisers?

Some professionals specialise in pension advisory only, while others, like Heritage Financial Planning, offer advice on all aspects of personal finance, including pensions, equity release and investments.

Some pension advisors are restricted to recommending certain in-house products or investments. At Heritage, we are independent financial advisors and can recommend options from the entire range of platforms and funds available.

Can a pension adviser help me manage my existing pension pot?

Yes, whether you have an existing workplace pension, a private pension arrangement or both, a pension advisor can help. They can offer tailored advice on contributions, investment allocation, risk mitigation, and retirement planning strategies across your entire pension portfolio.

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